Krystal (arfmooo) wrote,

In case you were wondering..

How am I?  In two words, feeling great.  Since early March, these have been interesting times.  I've realized several things about myself, including nervous habits and destructive tendencies.  Right now I feel like everything has come into focus, but it wasn't easy getting here.  At one point, I had lost faith in the universe; I didn't understand why I was where I was.  I feel like the whole time, however, I remained honest, and that allowed me to be open.  

Where I am now is good.  I am calm, peaceful, trusting my resources.  I've come closer to a lot of people, and I feel more in tune with my fellow human.  I have some opportunities this summer to learn and ease myself into a professional setting.  I feel more kind, less judging, more successful, happier.  I love my family and I'm learning to love myself.  I am exercising, taking care of myself.  I feel alive!  I think I can feel kindness being reflected back to me.  

I'm interested in what there is to hear. 

I am sorry, in a way, in the way you regret how some events unfold.  It didn't always feel perfect, but the plan is perfect anyway.  Out of bliss came loss, but also growth.  I hope he feels the same. 

I will not be old and wish for this someday.  This is good, but it will be good then, too. 

I love you all.

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April 28 2009, 03:11:19 UTC 8 years ago

There aren't many stars in the city,
and streetlights aren't very pretty.

For a girl like you,
with a pretty ginkgo tattoo

A girl that loves to dream,
and wants the stars to gleam.
I'm glad for you.