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R.I.R. Michael

I haven't written a long entry about my day in awhile, but yesterday was such an eventful day, I feel it's appropriate.

Thursday night, I went to reggae night with mah peeps, and we had a blast and stayed up late when we got back, even though I had to be up early on Friday for a really long day.  But I went anyway, and I guess that's where the story of Friday begins.

I woke up Friday, tired of course, at 7am.  I printed out my homework and lab for the Environmental Field Techniques course I'm taking this summer before heading to campus.  Three of us in the class ride to Miami Whitewater Forest with the TA, and we meet early outside of school.  It's good times!  But class kind of sucked Friday.  It was super hot, and we were sitting in a field with no shade studying territoriality in red winged black birds, but the birds were not having it!  It was boring. 

We got back to campus early, I cleaned up in the bathroom (shower in a sink) and headed to Cameron's lab to sort bugs for a grad student's project.  When I got in there, she was listening to the Michael Jackson tribute, and was talking about how much she liked his music.  I did not like the music.  I was not impressed in the least!  I wanted to turn it off, but I figured that would be rude.  So, for two hours, I listened to the King of Pop.  Whatever.

I had to be at work at 3-5pm, to cover for someone.  On the way to work, I bummed a Marlboro red off this sophisticated looking European man, who expressed his concern that the cigarette would be too strong for me.  It was a delicious, delicious cigarette!  But, that is the first time I bummed a cigarette off a stranger.  It was disconcerting?  This is what I've come to!

After work, I called Miguel, because he had gotten into town earlier that day from New Jersey for a music festival in Loveland.  He took the bus to Clifton, and we hung out and played music and ate dinner until he called himself a cab (at my behest) and left for the festival.  It was awkward, terribly, and I wish that guy would just relax.  Bitch, be cool.  There is nothing to be afraid of. 

Finally!  I was free for my leisure activities.  I called Nicole, and we headed to final friday with a six pack and a sense of adventure!  We walked to Main St. and around, and there was only one venue still open, with an all right installation of a collage of pictures of different people taken at different times around Cincinnati.  We met up with three of my favourite people (Heather, Jules, and John), and we stood on the sidewalk on Main St. for awhile, sharing cigarettes and beer. 

We met an intoxicated, older black man named Larry, who was saddened at the passing of Michael Jackson, and we exchanged pleasantries until John went and called Michael a pedophile, which set Larry off!  I could not have kept a straight face, even if I'd tried. 

We decided to go to Grammer's, and we bought more beer.  After a while, we wandered to the Michael Jackson party out behind the bar, where they were playing song after song of Michael Jackson.  Larry was there!  He was dancing, and had some sweet moves, and we all started dancing and having a great time, until they started playing some current pop music.  The fun ended!  We began to chant "Michael, michael" until they put Michael Jackson back on.  Suddenly, Michael Jackson was the only music I wanted to hear!  I couldn't explain it.  It was catchy and it just made you want to get up and move.  Everybody was there (so good!), and we danced the night away :)

Caught a ride up the hill to Clifton, hung out with Philip and Evan until 4-5am.  I was so tired by the end of the night!  Holy cow.  I fell asleep in my bed with my clothes and the light still on.

But at night it's a different world
Go out and find a girl
Come on, come on and dance all night
Despite the heat it'll be alright

And babe, don't you know it's a pity
The days can't be like the nights
In the summer in the city

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